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Meet The Team

We Couldn't Find A Solution, So We Made A Solution.



Twinkie has a special role at Playful Hearts CBD. He's not only doing an amazing job at showing how an alpha breed can be trained as social and submissive, he is also learning to be Angelita's Service Dog assisting in her Social Anxiety and other needs.  Twinkie loves Pet CBD. It helps him at the dog park. Twinkie has a  natural alpha energy and when he goes to the dog park other dogs pick up on it easily. while he is strutting around the field the other dogs approach him aggressively and pin him to the ground, even when he is not showing any aggression.. HOWEVER! When we give Twinkie Pet CBD (.25ml of 500mg Pet CBD) his dog park experience changes. Even though we don't see a difference, the other dogs do and Twinkie can play and strut his stuff with the other dogs without being dominated. Pet CBD has given Twinkie a different social life and us less fear going to the dog park. 


Deeógee is an English Mastiff. At a young age he was a very large puppy having a hard time learning to heel on a leash. Before walks he was given enough Pet CBD (1,000mg) to help him listen but not enough to make an already lazy breed harder to walk. Pet CBD has been a great tool through his growing years. At 2 years old and 160 lbs, the 1,000mg is branded for dogs like him, GIANT! 

We use it for car rides, guests coming over, camping, vacations and his separation anxiety.


Depending why we use it will depend on the dosage. Finding a baseline dosage for when he is not triggered has helped a lot! Ask Playful Hearts in our chat how to easily find the baseline dosage that works best for your furry BFF. 

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Shane and Ashley

Shane and Ashley are the Owners of Playful Hearts CBD. 

Shane has suffered from severe migraines since childhood. Medication was the only solution for years and his stomach has taken a toll from all the meds. He is now suffering greatly from severe Acid Reflux. 3 years ago he started a CBD routine of applying topicals and taking tinctures to keep the migraine away. He applies the 1500mg Playful Hearts CBD to the back of his neck, base of his hair line, around his shoulders and then on his temples. What's amazing is the same tincture for topical is the same he uses orally. He takes between 0.5-1ml on the dropper provided and always compliments the light taste of Playful Hearts 1500mg Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

He used to get migraines 3 times a week, and now with a daily does (.25 of our 1500mg CBD) he only gets episodes once a month. The cause of the migraine (Military Neck) still exists, but the CBD has kept the inflammation at bay which keeps the extreme pain away. 

Ashley was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the young age of 24. At first the doctors prescribed muscle relaxers, pain medications and nerve blockers to help stop the episodes. They caused too many side effects, including extreme fatigue on top of her already existing fatigue that caring for her children became nearly impossible. After seeing the miracles CBD did with Angelita, Ashley started using it daily. The first application of 2 drops (1500mg CBD Mint Tincture) to Ashley's arthritic hurting hand brought hopeful tears. The pain was gone, the ROM (range of motion) had improved and the stiffness was gone, all within minutes. Ashley applied it 2 times a day for about a week then started cutting down on frequency. now she applies a few drops once or twice a week to maintain pain free hands. 

Ashley takes CBD daily to help keep flair ups of the fibromyalgia away, help relieve irritability when life gets overwhelming and a dose at night to help get to sleep faster and deeper. 



Angelita was born with Spina Bifida. As of 2022, she had endured 34 surgeries during her 12 years. 


Her medical complications include anxiety, depression, inflammation,  surgeries, swelling, pain, auto-immune disorder, emotional healing and recovery. The reason why Playful Hearts began was to help this little girl get the best life condition she deserves. Playful Hearts Pharmaceutical Grade CBD has given her that and more. 

We had enough of the many pills the Doc's wanted to "help" with. The pills ended up causing more harm while putting only a temporary bandaid on the problem. CBD has been shown to heal and not just cover up problems.

Angelita has benefited greatly from CBD, one of her many major successes is beating a life long anxiety moment she will face several times in her life...

 Angelita is deeply afraid of the oxygen mask they use to help you sleep for surgery, she has been since she a tiny baby. The fear had gotten worse and worse with each procedure and surgery. After 33 surgeries, the doctors finally approved for Angelita to take CBD with her last meal before surgery.The morning of surgery was calm as usual and then it was time for her and mom to separate at the hospital. However, this time she looked different. We saw confidence in her eye. "I got this Mom" she says while they wheel her away. After waiting the docs came in and let us know that the little girl that would fight, push. cry, scream and fling her face around PICKED UP HER OXYGEN MASK AND PLACED IT ON HER OWN FACE. Everyone was jaw dropped.  Mom thought they had the wrong room but when Angie came in after recovery she said with the biggest smile, "I put the mask on myself". 

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