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Getting Out of ADHD Paralysis

"Oh my gosh, how long have I been standing over here?"

There was a point in my life where my worst nightmare came true, my daughter was life flighted to the hospital and the unknown was in front of us. The shock to my brain as we went through such an emotional roller coaster was life altering. What used to take me minutes before the incident, now took me hours. I struggled getting my thoughts together and lived more in my head than in the reality I was facing. I was able to manage the situation with my emotions intact thanks to some amazing tools I have learned, which is what I plan on sharing with you today.

One of the first things I did to keep me in the now as my daughter and I flew over the cityin the life flight helicopter was watch my breath. It was easier than watching my thoughts because my thoughts were pretty scattered at the time. When my breath would start to pick up, I knew my thoughts were getting away from me. I would breathe and say to myself "it's ok, we are in the safest hands possible and with people she needs to save her." It helped me gather my thoughts and my breath. I knew I needed to be emotionally ok to be with her as much as possible.

When we arrived to the hospital and they were prepping her for emergency surgery to get the pressure off her brain. I knew I needed to step into that space with confidence and kindness. They are there to help me and I am here to help them, we have the same goal and I threw down all my defenses. I became vulnerable and teachable. I knew I needed to remind my brain that we are on the same team. I have in the past had many times where the medical staff refused to listen, yet this time I walked in fully believing it is going to be different. I stepped in knowing the right people are going to be here at the right time. I held confidence with kindness.

After they took her back for surgery, my husband was finally able to get my attention. He handed me one of our CBD (thc-free) bottles (Playful Hearts CBD) and I took what I call a "stress dose", high enough to clear my mind so I can step into the situation better. Within 5 minutes my thoughts slowed down and I could make eye contact with my husband again. Playful Hearts CBD has been one of my most favorite tools because it works so fast and helps my thoughts and anxiousness so much!

After surgery, she had a few complications that they were unsure would stay or leave. She lost vision and the use of the right side of her face. We had to find new ways to help with emotional wellbeing that didn't require sight. We played happy music and snuggled while singing lyrics. We brought in some soft music makers and made some music together. We looked for all of the wonderful things we cold do together and we told each other how much we love each other. We were just happy to have each other, we thought our time together may had come to an end. We sat in gratitude and rerouted our thoughts there too.

When we got home, it was harder to get into the family routine at first. My brain was scattered and living minute by minute as I scrambled for ways to help her. I would get stuck in one spot of the house for minutes at a time just brainstorming over how I can help my daughter heal faster and better. Thats when Meditation became a big part of my day, starting with guided meditations and transforming into silenced meditation for 10 minutes. Within 3 days of silencing my brain through meditation, my constant thinking already slowed down and lessened my brain fog (way less overthinking things).

I am a huge fan of natural treatments to hep with brain fog and have used many ways to help clear the mind. CBD has been the easiest way to help me clear my mind because it is easy to take with me and easy to use. I also love the Hyperbaric Chambers, as they are amazing for clearing the mind. Within one session I could feel a dramatic difference in my mental fatigue and I saw changes with my daughters TBI too.

I hope this helps you see many ways you can gain clarity, even in the most stressful moments. We can be more helpful in stressful situations when we learn to regulate our emotions in a healthy way. We can either choose to let our thought rule us, or we rule them. I truly enjoy being the ruler of my thoughts, helps me get what I want in life. I hope you too become the master of your thoughts and get all you want in life.

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