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Easy Tips To Get Out Of ADHD Paralysis

After noticing I've been sitting and scrolling or thinking more than producing, that's my first sign I'm in overwhelm. It's interesting how we have so much to do and we know we need to do it, yet we sit. So today I'm going to give my tricks of getting moving when my brain says... VACATION TIME!

My List

My brain likes fun, not demanding to do lists that I want to crumble in the trash once I read... must do! I thought if I demanded harder, I would responded better. It's the tactic that's been used on me since I was itty bitty, reality is though it didn't really produce well. I now change my list to "I get to" and I add an emotion I want with it, "I get to go see my bff today, so I want to get dressed for the day before 8 so I'm relaxed and ready. "

My Mood

There are days when it's harder to regulate my emotions yet time still ticks. When I struggle to get out of my funk, I let my ego down. I call my friend that helps me see another perspective and gets my creative juices flowing. Creative energy helps us create ways out of shut down, see more doors we can open. My truck is right after I'm off the phone, I jump into action while my mood is boosted so I can continue the dopamine rush. Sometimes I create the rush from something else that's healthy to get me boosted.

My schedule

If my schedule is all work and no play, my brain goes....... ....... ....... boring. I schedule in fun everyday. Ways I make fun happen:

  • Taking a walk and leaving random hearts with sidewalk chalk

  • Gardening

  • Go to a park

  • Nature trails

  • Create a small craft

  • Make a yummy snack

  • Share a treat with a friend or neighbor

  • Leave a thank you letter on a neighbors door

  • Text a few people with gratitude texts

Breathe and Regroup

Any movement in the right direction is good movement. Take two big breathes and choose a simple task to do. Pick up the floor, fold a blanket and put it away, unload the dishwasher, throw away the trash on the table, make your bed or choose a simple 2 minute task to get movement. One movement can lead to several movements. Quick pick ups can lead to life changing movement.

Eat, Sleep, Rest, & Repeate

Did you eat a healthy balanced meal, did you drink water, have you slept, when's the last time you took a walk break? When we struggle taking care of ourself, our mental well-being suffers. Our brain functions much better when we have self care more often and making sure we plan and implement these things is imperative. When feeling stuck, grab a fruit or veggie and get some movement going on in your body (wiggle, walk, dance, stretch).

Hope these easy tips help you get moving like they have me. Remember to pick small tasks to start movement and work your way up to the bigger tasks. Holding your own commitments teaches your brain you can do hard things, if you need an accountability coach, reach out. We know groups, videos or places you can get the support your looking for.

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