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When I received the news that changed my life in 2008, I was overwhelmed with a shock that still resonates within me today. I had been blessed with a beautiful baby but one with severe medical complications. In that moment, the universe presented me with my calling and my joy in life - helping others overcome trauma.

My background in western medicine had prepared me for the journey ahead, but I knew I needed more than just that. I wanted to understand the power of the mind and how it could help my child conquer anything she faced. This is how I discovered the work of emotions and how they can become stuck in our bodies when we don't take the time to process them.

I learned how to release these emotions from past trauma, and how to release addictive cords that keep us repeating patterns over and over. Hypnosis changed my thoughts, my emotions, and ultimately changed my life. Now, I'm passionate about helping others do the same.

By working together, I'm confident that we can unlock the power of the mind and create the life of our dreams.

Ashley Talbot

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